Board of Directors

Rick Racicot (Qualitech Construction)
Bob Burey (Mascioli Construction Co. Ltd.)
Marc Ladouceur (Kent Trusses Ltd.)
Brian Bielaskie (Miller Paving)
Dan Brazeau (Levert Personnel Resources)
Yvon Chartrand (Chartrand Equipment)
Veronique Harvey (Aecon Mining Inc.)
Dan Dambremont (Timmins Window & Door)
Steve Morin (DarlonQuest Inc.)
Jamie Clarke (Tisdale Plumbing & Heating)
Dan Chenier (Interpaving Ltd.)
Mark Norkum (Gorf Manufacturing/Contracting Ltd.)

Caroline Mallette

The Board of Directors meet every second Wednesday.

Bright and early on Thursday morning the lovely Danielle Lam of the PCH Elite Prize Patrol team was dishing out more clues on her Facebook page to those still wondering who has won ,000 from Publishers Clearing House today. The Dec. 12 PCH Facebook post by Danielle offered this clue: "Agriculture is one of the state's major industries".

A bonus clue followed, which basically said that the state of the winner of the 2013 ,000 sweepstakes from PCH does not have a major league team in the NFL. That leaves Georgia out of the running, unfortunately.

Clues and bonus clues provided on Tuesday also left out a number of other states too, such as Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Mass., Mich., Minn., Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

Tuesday's PCH Prize Patrol clues for this month's ,000 winner included the following:

    The capital of the winner's state has more than five letters in its name.The capital of the winner's state also has more than two vowels in its name.One state that borders the winner's state has less than eight letters in its name, andThere has been no big winner in this state for the last two months. A big winner is quantified as anyone who has won at least ,000.

Danielle Lam promises that the next clues to the winner this December will be posted on her PCH Facebook page by 9:45 a.m. ET. And if the prize patrol team follows their typical protocol, you can expect to know who the winner is by early afternoon.

Have you entered to win any of the numerous sweepstakes giveaways by the prize patrol? If not, there is still time to get in on their million-dollar dream home giveaway, as well as as many as a dozen more high-dollar prizes. But be wary of anyone on Facebook attempting to "friend" you from the prize patrol, as a recent scam alert was issued to warn that Danielle, Dave and Todd do not ever do that.

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